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Stunning dining room and kitchen in new luxury home

New Builds and Additions in Oakville, Burlington & Ancaster


Do you wish to add more space to your home or office? A room addition may be exactly what you’re looking for! Adding a room will increase the value and enhance the appearance of your property, but can be an expensive and time-consuming project. Trust our experts at Mikulin Contracting for new builds and room additions in Oakville, Burlington, Ancaster and surrounding areas. When it comes to renovating or adding on to your home, we are committed to handling any home improvement project, no matter what its size or scope is.

We specialize in a variety of renovation and home improvement services, including kitchen and bathroom renovation, drywall installation and finishing, basement finishing, water damage restoration, and more. Our teams will work with you closely to determine the right solution that would work best for you. We can do the magic to make it happen! You can rely on us for:


New Builds

In many cases, almost entire home renovations can still be considered a renovation, however, in some cases the best option is to start with a blank slate. In those situations, trust Mikulin Contracting with your new home build. Unlike many others, we can handle the entire project from conception to completion. We can take care of the demolition too, if needed. That means one contractor for you to work with to get the job done right! We can create custom kitchens, family rooms, bathrooms, offices and closets. Don’t forget your outdoor living spaces; we build garages, decks and patios for your new home. With intelligence and integrity in contracting, we can make your dream home a reality.



Creating an addition to your home is easy with Mikulin Contracting. We do the big stuff with ease; bathrooms, kitchens, garages, basements are all parts of our specialty. With years of experience, we can create custom designs for your home as well. Open up rooms, add a second floor, create a new space, or even just make your home bigger, we can do that! We love doing in-law suites, sunrooms and home offices. Contact us to schedule an appointment for your project; we may have some new ideas too!


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Renovate Your Home and Business with  Professionals

For over 20 years, we have been helping both homeowners and business owners turn their ideas into a reality. 

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